Fills de l'Utopia

Fills de la utopia (Children of Utopia) is an art project about how the Spanish society has lived (or has been forced to live) eluding all true things. The economic prosperity preceding the deep crisis allowed many of us to study and live comfortably, which resulted in a disengagement affecting not only politics, but also the necessary values to build a more cohesive, fairer society.

That is why the main characters in most of the works are sleepy, absent, sometimes depicted satirically. This last feature follows the reference of artist Francisco de Goya y Lucientes and his grotesque paintings, in which “the artist tried to reverse the human vices and mistakes, either by ridiculing or by censoring them, usually in a comical way”*, and thus attempting to show the constant contradictions society lives in.

In essence, this work, which transcends simple representation, aims both at describing a society that has slept over the years and also at engaging in self-examination and self-analysis about the path we have walked to reach our current situation.

* [1]Dibujos grotescos de Goya. Valeriano Bozal. Universidad complutense de Madrid.

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