L´Aventura (The adventure)

With this exhibition, Félix Coll wants to invite us to build a random scenario leading to another level of perception and thus shaping a suitable context for reflection. Then, the intention is to start an adventure in which we are transported to the heart of a lush forest covered in a wet, thick crater, where we can personally comprehend the problem dealt with in this work: the situation in the Balearic Islands regarding the impossibility of getting a reasonable rent, due to the increase of rental prices and worsened by stagnant wages.

These circumstances moved Félix to engagedly research the media in a quest for the origins of such situation. He found answers relating the root of the problem to the tourist attraction linked to the mass practice of modern home-sharing, which has provoked that homeowners who used to rent their properties under full, long contracts, today prefer short-term, fragmented rents to increase the number of tenants and therefore to boost their incomes. Their alternative, dealt with in this project, is to increase monthly rents for permanent tenants in an attempt to equal the extra benefits that would be made with tourist rentals.

Therefore, just like Félix delved into the intricacies of the matter, those embarking on a search for a decent home will delve into the distressing thickness of the jungle, where their hopes will gradually weaken until they completely fade. This dreamer thereby becomes an explorer who soon perceives the difficulties of the environment and, unable to continue along his path, finds obstacles in the vegetation, in the surrounding creeks and lakes and also in some bugs. As a result, once the path is lost, it gets quite difficult to find an exit light and problems are irretrievably to come (if they haven’t come yet). The game has just started and soon panic strikes. It is in this very moment when the explorer realizes to which extent he is lost, that same explorer who had believed in the utopian concept that having a job meant getting a home and thus a life to live:

I walk, slow, I travel, lost, I march, lame, where?

Tangled, embroiled, unable, messy, confused, why?

Sunk, hidden, buried, isolated, disqualified, how?

Drowned, choked, devastated, oppressed, miserable, ruined, who?

 I am leaving, I am getting tangled, I sink and I drown. I need to live, life?

Live life, find the path, but I get tangled, I don’t get out, breath, inhale?

I try again, what is this? I choke, I drown, up to my neck, what?

Soaked, in what? Mortgage, payments, mortgage, payments, mortgage, then?

Go on, travel, where to? Lost, without a destination, yet I walk.

Pedro J. Trujillo